The Climate Hazards Center and affiliates utilize a variety of view and web-based tools to obtain valuable data sets, which are made available to the public and studied to make informed predictions relating to climate early warning.

Early Warning eXplorer

Early Warning eXplorer (EWX)

The Early Warning eXplorer (EWX) is a web-based single-page application for exploration of geospatial data related to drought monitoring and famine early warning. The EWX enables scientists, analysts, and policymakers to view diverse data sets side-by-side in the same spatial bounding box, and to step through sequences of multiple time-series data sets simultaneously.

EWX/Geoserver Snippets

Snippets are a free and publicly accessible way to display maps from our EWX online application on your own webpage. To generate the code and markup needed to display your desired data, please visit our EWX Map Snippet Configurator tool.

GeoSuite Software

Geographic Climate Tool (GeoCLIM)

The GeoCLIM is designed for climatological analysis of historical rainfall and temperature data. It was developed by Tamuka Magadzire of USGS FEWS NET in support of the USAID PREPARED and Global Climate Change activities. You can download the GeoCLIM below. Visit the CHC wiki to make sure you have the latest version.

Water Requirements Satisfaction Index (GeoWRSI)

The GeoWRSI is a geo-spatial, stand-alone implementation of the Water Requirements Satisfaction Index (GeoWRSI), as it is implemented by the USGS for the FEWSNET Activity. The program runs a crop-specific water balance model for a selected region in the world, using raster data inputs. The program produces a range of outputs which can either be used qualitatively to help assess and monitor crop conditions during the crop growing season, or can be regressed with yields to produce yield estimation models and yield estimates. Other tools are available to post-process the GeoWRSI outputs so that they can be used in yield estimation models.

The Geospatial Climate Outlook Forecasting Tool (GeoCOF)

The Geospatial Climate Outlook Forecasting Tool (GeoCOF) is a statistical software tool for seasonal forecasting of climatic variables, such as rainfall. Through a user friendly graphical interface, it facilitates multiple-linear regression modelling between climatic predictors (e.g. sea surface temperatures) and the predictant, usually seasonal rainfall totals.