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The CHC is pleased to introduce Donghoon Lee, our new postdoc researcher, as of September 2020. Donghoon uses EO products and machine learning to predict agricultural statistics in food-insecure countries in support of FEWS NET.

We are pleased to announce the release of "Drought Early Warning and Forecasting," a book written by Chris Funk and Shrad Shukla and published by Elsevier. 

This book is a key text for postgraduate scientists and graduate and advanced undergraduate students in hydrology, geography, earth sciences, meteorology, climatology, and environmental sciences programs. Professionals dealing with disaster management and drought forecasting will also find this book beneficial to their work. 

CHC's Shrad Shukla is featured alongside fellow members of the SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (AST), who are leading projects funded by SERVIR and NASA in eastern Africa and southern Africa. By developing satellite Earth Observation (EO) systems, organizations like CHC can help countries forecast and prepare for impending climate disasters that impact food security.

CHC and USAID's Agrilinks, an online community for food security and agricultural development practitioners, have collaborated again, producing five blogs relating generally to the theme of Earth Observations (EOs) as they relate to agriculture and food security. 

CHC and affiliates, led by Shrad Shukla, author an article titled "Improving early warning of drought-driven food insecurity in southern Africa using operational hydrological monitoring and forecasting products" with Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS). This article demonstrates that NHyFAS products can effectively support food insecurity early warning in Southern Africa, and RZSM forecasts can provide early indication of drought development. 

Science Magazine features CHC and affiliates, specifically Jim Verdin, Chris Funk, and Tamuka Magadzire, in a video titled "Watch how researchers predict droughts months in advance." 

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