Diriba Korecha

Field Scientist


Dr. Diriba Korecha works with the USGS component of FEWS NET as the National Climate Scientist for Ethiopia. He is mainly responsible for advising partner institutions on observed and predicted climate systems, anomalies, and their probable impacts on various social and economic sectors by analyzing, interpreting, and reporting occurrences of various climate-related benefits/hazards using the remotely sensed and manually collected meteorological observations. In particular, Dr. Diriba briefs the USAID Country Office in Ethiopia on the current and future trends of national and regional climate conditions. Since 2015, Dr. Diriba has been serving as a Bureau member of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Vice Chair of IPCC Working Group III. As Vice Chair of WGIII, he is expected to contribute for the Sixth Assessment Report (IPCC-AR6) assessment of the scientific, technical, environmental, and economic and social aspects of climate change mitigation. Dr. Diriba advises Ph.D students as well as teaching climatology, climate prediction, climate change adaptation, and mitigation Ph.D courses in Ethiopia universities. Prior to joining USGS/FEWS NET, Dr. Diriba worked at National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia for twenty-five years as a meteorologist, team leader, and Director of Meteorological Forecasting and Early Warning Directorate.